The traditional Cornish Pasty is (and very firmly remains) an absolute favourite in Cornwall. It isn’t a myth – the Cornish still eat and love our pasties! Any holiday to Cornwall would be incomplete without having at least one – or preferably more!

(c) Warrens Bakery

Why does Cornwall have pasties?

Pasties began as a necessity. By the 18th Century, the humble pasty was the food eaten by poor working families.  Filling a pastry case with vegetables such as potato, onion and swede was a cheap way to feed a family. Meat would have been too extravagant at this time, although a few scraps of cheap meat might have been added now and again.

A little later, when Cornish mining reached its heyday, the wives of Cornish tin and copper miners would prepare these all-in-one meals to provide sustenance for their spouses during their gruelling days down the dark, damp mines. Pasties were taken down the mines by the adults and children who worked there; the shape and size made them ideal for carrying, and they became the staple for the daily ‘crib’ or ‘croust’ – Cornish dialect for a bite to eat, usually taken mid-morning. The miners gave the pasty its distinctive D shape too – the crust became a handle, which was discarded to prevent contaminating the food with grubby, possibly arsenic-ridden hands.

(c) Rowes Bakers

Make your own pasty

Have a go! – learn from the masters at the Cornish Pasty Association

Pasty safari!

Find your favourite by trying the wares of some the many different pasty makers whilst staying with us! (There are so many to choose from – here are just a few!):

Wander down the road to the wonderful Ponsanooth Village Stores – there are usually warm pasties just waiting for you! Pasty mileage from us – 0.25miles

Pip’s Pasties – 57 Lower Market St, Penryn TR10 8RW (a favourite with Louise!) – pasty mileage from us – 3 miles

(c) Pip’s Pasties

St Agnes Bakery – combine one of Cornwall’s most beautiful walks to St Agnes Beacon with a well earned pasty lunch – pasty mileage from us – 10 miles

(c) iwalkcornwall

Ann’s pasties – a pasty on the Lizard! Heaven – pasty mileage from us – 11 miles

Philps pasties – combine a day on Hayle’s glorious beaches with a take away tea. Nothing better! – pasty mileage from us – 16 miles

All are great – most producers also offer vegetarian and vegan options. Let us know which is your favourite after staying with us!

Happy eating!